What Augmented pollination means ?

Leveraging innovative science and technologies to optimize the performance of traditional beekeeping knowledge and expertise


Technologies at Ubees

Our technical expertise, deployed in California and France, has been deploying and creating connected sensors since 2018.

Ubees sensors allow non-intrusive, remote, and precise monitoring of hives' health: colony strength, population evolution, hive activity ... Everything beekeepers need to guide their decisions.

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Science at UBEES

Our team have developed expertise in monitoring the risk factors of the hives of our farms.
The 4 main risk factors are monitored and quantified for oriented, data driven, decision-making.

We offer to monitor levels of

- parasites (varroa mites)

- pathogens (nosema Apis, Cerena ...)

- pesticides exposure, 

- and nutritional assessments of bees diet

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Partners in Science

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Enhancing the Health of Honey Bees

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Advancing California almonds through innovation.

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From the biology of the bee to its protection