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Ubees featured in Colby AgTech segment to share its new technology

Check out our video to learn more about our IT tool to monitor remotely your beehives' health and pollination success in one of the famous Colby AgTech segment.

Bees are central in the pollination of fruits and nuts, that’s not a secret. Growers know that they need bees for their pollination but they couldn’t see inside their beehives, they were just black boxes for them.

With MyPollination app and our Bee Verify Bar, we can help you monitor your beehives right at your fingertips.

Our Bee Verify Bar allows you to check your beehive's vitality and strength (via temperature & humidity monitoring) to know how they are doing. This technology allows growers to finally see inside their beehives. Growers can look directly on their phone and see how many hours the bees have been flying per day in their yields to ensure a successful pollination.

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