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*Morning AgClips* presents **

Morning AgClips, America's #1 Daily Ag News source presents : Kerman-based *MyPollination* offers almond growers peace of mind


KERMAN, Calif. (AgPR) — is a local pollination service business focused on maximizing almond production for growers during the pollination season. MyPollination provides the advantage of working with locally based and expert beekeepers, while still having a diverse reach across the US sourcing the best hives possible for pollination.

Almond Pollination is a crucial and stressful time for growers. The almond bloom only lasts a few short weeks and is a crucial period in determining the yield. The quality of bees can make or break the entire harvest.

A successful almond yield lies in 2 simple points, both covered when using

1. Order strong hives. A strong beehive will pollinate better, whatever the weather conditions, than a weak one. Under-pollination leads to lower yields. Every input can be perfect, but if an orchard is under pollinated the rest of the work is in vain.

2. Order them from different beekeepers. Diversify your supply to overcome the problems of hibernation & mortality faced by beekeepers. Even the best beekeepers can face tough years- from 10% to 90% mortality from one year to another.


More About

MyPollination aims to simplify and secure this process for almond growers. The grower can indicate how many hives they need, the hive quality they require, or with how many beekeepers they prefer to work with. MyPollination takes care of the rest: establishes contracts with all beekeepers, and becomes the direct point of contact handling all the moving parts: logistics for hive installation in the orchards, communication and reporting to the grower, and most importantly, quality care for the bees themselves.

MyPollination is not just an intermediary in a long supply chain. They are beekeepers – handling tens of thousands beehives in California – and are also the partners who deliver the bees to your orchards. In case of unexpected issues, MyPollination is able to make things right quickly thanks to its locally based crew of expert beekeepers in Kerman, CA.

For more information about MyPollination and to secure bees from local beekeepers in the Central Valley call Bruce Cason at 559-554-5659 or visit

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