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At UBEES we pride ourselves on our diversity - in competence, origin & culture.


UBEES is a colony - multicultural with 6 different nationalities, multiskilled with a unique set of skills: Beekeepers, agronomists, financial experts, marketers, engineers, developers, designers and entrepreneurs... We are proud of our solid profiles that make up the colony.

Migratory Beekeeper

Location: CA (Fresno) and SD (Redfield)

Start date : As soon as possible! 

Developer Full-Stack

Location: Paris (XVe)

Start date : As soon as possible! 

Migratory Foreman

Location: CA (Fresno) and SD (Redfield)

Start date : As soon as possible! 

Data scientist

Location: Paris (XVe)

Start date : As soon as possible

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Business Developper

Bruce has extensive experience developing Agriculture related businesses in California for over 30 years.

Bruce possesses an outstanding work ethic. He is highly dedicated and strongly committed to UBEES as a professional, as well as to his family in his personal life.


A passionate salesman at UBEES, Bruce builds success on success by being performance oriented and results driven.




Laurine takes care of the visual display of UBEES’ products, as much in the reflection as in the implementation. 


She has always been passionate about design and she is very happy to start her career with meaningful work at UBEES.


Laurine joined UBEES in 2020 as a designer.

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Lead Software Engineer



Xavier is our technology Swiss army knife. Former startup founder himself & holding a strong engineering background, Technology-for-good drives Xavier everyday.


Xavier is now in charge of the data science and software development at UBEES.

Amelia is as passionate as she is dynamic when it comes to innovation and honey bee health.


A strong asset in the R&D Innovation Lab, Amelia will always figure things out & find a way to achieve our project goals.  Driven by her passion for honey bees over many years, Amelia is deeply involved with the beehives in the field, in the laboratory and in the office.

Arnaud, our CEO, is an entrepreneur who combines extensive international experience in the technology industry with vast knowledge of beekeeping in Europe.

He co-founded Apiterra & several companies in the tech industry: Boreal Communications (1993) and Carlipa (2002).

Arnaud intends to expand his crusade to save the bees from his base in New York.



Jean-Charles, or "JC,"  is an entrepreneur, based in NYC, pursuing his passion to save the bees.

JC has been the Chairman and majority shareholder of Diadeis and now serves as a Board Member at sgsco.

Jean-Charles is also an Impact Investor with a focus on renewable energy, natural food and Agtech, waste management and social justice.





South Dakota
Operation Manager

Panitee is our New York based dynamic accountant.


She joined UBEES in 2018.  

Dynamic and efficient, Panitee is a very valuable asset helping with the administrative and accounting management of UBEES’ operations. Thanks to her, our operators do what they know how to do best: take care of the bees!

Marcus is the most curious beekeeper.  With decades in the bee sciences and beekeeping industry, he is always eager to test our tech innovations. Experience in large scale queen production, colony and operations management coupled with considerable research experience focused on queen quality, hive health and the effect of agrichemicals, his passion for honey bee husbandry is a valued asset within UBEES. 


Marcus serves as Manager leading our team and operation in SD.



Business Intelligence

Ben has dual training as an operations engineer and in business.


Dedicating time with the field team during pollination and in the orchards, together with his deep understanding of logistics issues make him essential to the design of our monitoring & management tools. Ben’s knowledge and efforts allow us to optimize our operations and manage our hives with the greatest precision.


Ben manages the business intelligence of UBEES.



Full-Stack  Developer

 Always passionate about IT, Joan is a developer at UBEES.  

He is proud to dedicate his tech skills for a purpose that is essential to the health of our planet: beekeeping.


Joan grew up in a beekeeping family. He has always been passionate about computers and loves knowing that his work contributes to improving the world through technology every day.



CA Operation Manager

He is a true bee lover.

David has been working with bees since he could walk.

He earned his strongest beekeeping knowledge in HawaïÏ and gained great experience in queen breeding and operation management.  David’s depth of honey bee husbandry knowledge and acumen are a valued asset within UBEES.


David serves as Manager leading the California team & operation.

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Head of R&D

Lucile is an agronomist passionate about the development of sustainable agriculture.

She believes in connected agriculture & precision agriculture to meet the challenges of beekeeping today.​

Lucile is in charge of Research and Innovation at UBEES.

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Maximilian is an entrepreneur dedicated to bees and technology.

Before joining Ubees, he started two companies: Le Miel Sauvage, which imports honey, and La Cool Co, which designs and builds IoT devices.


Max is a partner at UBEES, in charge of operations and technology.

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