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Pollination's vibrant heart

In the heart of the Central Valley, we have been alongside almond producers since 1973.  UBEES’ team is experienced placing and caring for tens of thousands of almond pollination hives every year.


Our California team has decades of experience in almond pollination.

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Financial and corporate management

Our headquarters in New York serves as the administrative & financial center of our organization.

Based here, our accounting and financial team helps in the management of day-to-day operations.

Our offices in NYC also allow us to forge partnerships in connection with our missions and create large-scale projects with major players in the food industry.


Tech team's office

Part of our technical team takes up the highest technical challenges from the other side of the Atlantic, in the XV arrondissement of Paris.


Here, we focus on our software development - from backend to design - and on continuous improvement of our machine learning & algorithm.

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Since 1973, UBEES has been dedicated to almond pollination.


Our operation & logistical base in the heart of the Central Valley (Fresno County) allow us to be close to our customers. 


Because we provide the best pollination services, we have created a strong relationship with our customers and long-term partners. Season after season and pollination after pollination, our clients are part of our history and our future.

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My Pollination 
UBEES Pollination Partner

Ubees works & partners with My Pollination as a online platform - The only American professional trusted market place to trade Beehives for pollination

My Pollination gives growers easy access to the largest volume of beehives for pollination with the best value for money :
right volume - right prices and controlled quality by the ultimate technology.


NY Headquarters:

5 PENN PLAZA, 19th floor

New York, NY 10001, USA

Beekeeping Operations:

Kerman, California

Redfield, South Dakota

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