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About Us

"Supporting farmers & brands worldwide with bees to build up supply chain resilience and enhance biodiversity"

Global Challenges

  • Climate change

  • Rising global population

  • Pollinators population decline

  • No extra space for agriculture

  • A need to double production by 2050

  • Supply chains disruption

  • Farmers economic struggle

UBEES Mission

We repopulate every farm in the world with bees to build up farmers' resilience, boost and diversify their revenues.

Beekeeping empowered with technology is key to contributing to regenerative agriculture.

Our ambition is to provide beehives and transform any farmer into a beekeeper in 90 days thanks to our patented technology.

UBEES sensor
UBEES tech
Bee on coffee flower
Close shot of frame of bees
UBEES beekeeper training a farmer

Ubees milestones


Ubees launched in the US

Almond pollination


Double pollination capability growth with SD & CA operations


2 times winner of the American startup tour winner


MyPollination app (operation software launch)


Coffee & avocado pollination 


Beekeeping Companion app launched for farmers

Apple pollination


GRIT. Collaboration. Impact. Growth.

At UBEES we are beekeepers and we are proud of our diversity - in skills, origin & culture.


UBEES is a colony - multicultural with 6 different nationalities, multi-skilled with a unique set of expertise: beekeepers, agronomists, financial experts, marketers, engineers, developers, designers and entrepreneurs... We are proud of our solid profiles that make up the colony.

Latest news

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Environmental responsibility

“Increasing the bee population is another of our goals. To that end, through a collaboration with California-based technology company Ubees, we are using sensors to monitor the levels of parasites and pathogens in bees, their exposure to pesticides, and assess their nutrition. All the information we collect in the hives where we have installed the sensors is very useful for us to take care of the populations and make them grow.”

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UBEES, guardian angel of bees

"Ubees, a young French company, has developed sensors and artificial intelligence which, allowing the health of hives to be monitored remotely, also provide information on the quality of the environment."

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The beans & the bees

"We teamed up with the startup Ubees, whose state-of-the art technology enables remote, real-time monitoring of the health of beehives, the pollination status of the field and the local weather information.

By placing beehives nearby during the coffee blooming weeks and installing them to be integrated into farming practices in Colombia, we began looking at what could happen."

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