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Our Vision

We are Precision Beekeepers

Here at UBEES, we are committed to a single goal:  to save the bees.  By combining traditional beekeeping expertise with innovative science and technology, we believe we can reduce bee mortality rates and help to sustain the beekeeping industry.


Bees are dying

For the last decade, annual bee and hive losses have considerably increased.  Billions of bees are dying every year.

Mortality rates have reached 35% worldwide, and 44% of U.S. bee colonies were depleted during the winter of 2015/2016.

A combination of multiple factors could explain the mass extinction of bees observed worldwide, including exposure to pesticides, the practice of farmers growing a single crop (monocropping) which limits the type and availability of pollen, reduced habitat due to urban expansion and over-farming, poor nutrition resulting from decreased biodiversity, diseases and pests such as the varroa mite.


Bees are essential to our environment

Bees help to preserve wild biodiversity for 90% of species, and sustain the health and vitality of our food production.  As one of the most efficient, and often the principal pollinator for more than 100 crops, bees are involved in about one third of everything we eat.

The gravity of the decline in the number of bees will eventually have dramatic economic consequences for the agricultural industry and jeopardize our food diversity and supply.  Bees are estimated to provide as much as $15 billion in value to farming each year in the U.S.  Without the bee pollination, many of our favorite healthy foods would be at risk, including almonds, avocados, apples, watermelons. The loss of honeybees would also affect the meat and dairy industries as many of the crops requiring bee pollination serve as food for animals. Without honeybees, farmers would have to use other expensive, less effective pollination techniques and consumers would pay the price. 


What we do ?

We provide Pollination services, especially for almonds.

We also produce honey.

Our Beehives are located in South Dakota, Texas and California.


What Precision Beekeeping means

Leveraging innovative science and technologies to optimize the performance of traditional beekeeping knowledge and expertise

Data Driven

Scientific Research based on data collected at our Californian Lab located in pollination areas

Eco-Friendly non intrusive technology to reduce stress in the beehives


Who we are ?

Three enterpreneurs who partnered to share the same passion: save the bees

Arnaud Lacourt, CEO

Arnaud is an entrepreneur who is combining extensive international experience in the tech industry and knowledge of beekeeping in Europe. In 2010, he co-founded Apiterra, a pioneering beekeeping company that nurtures and cultivates bees and their hives in urban environments in Spain and France. Apiterra’s innovative practices have resulted in a significant decrease in the mortality rates of their bees. Arnaud also has developed an expertise at selecting bees that are resistant to the parasitic mite Varroa. In addition to beekeeping, Arnaud has co-founded several companies in the tech industry:  Boreal Communications (1993), a leading network monitoring and cybersecurity company, and Carlipa (2002), the developer of one of the foremost SAAS platforms for the digitization of traditional brick and mortar stores. He led successful exits of both companies through IPO and LBO. Arnaud holds a Master’s degree in management from ESCP Europe (Oxford, Madrid, Paris) and a post-graduate Master’s degree in Technology from Centrale Paris (ECP).  Arnaud intends to expand his crusade to save the bees from his base in New York.

Jean-Charles Morisseau, Chairman

Driven by his diverse passions, Jean-Charles ("JC") is an entrepreneur who has successfully invested in and developed companies in a variety of fields. 
He has been the Chairman and majority shareholder of Diadeis, a global design and production agency operating from more than 20 offices around the world. Recognizing a need to incorporate technology into marketing services, he invested in R&D to design proprietary software in the areas of product information management, 3D image workflow, and digital publishing. He also successfully grew and expanded Diadeis by acquiring best-in-class businesses across the world. Jean-Charles is now a Board Member at sgsco, a global packaging company who acquired Diadeis in 2018.
Jean-Charles is now an Impact investor. He invests in early stage start-ups and infrastructure projects with a focus on renewable energy, natural food and Agtech, waste management, social justice. He promotes women entrepreneurs. Jean-Charles is also a theater, television and movie producer through his equity partnership in Veilleur de Nuit. 
He holds a Master’s degree in management from HEC Business School (Paris, France).  From his offices in New York, Jean-Charles is pursuing yet another passion:  saving the bees.

Maximilian Ebrard, Managing Director

Maximilian is also an entrepreneur dedicated to bees and technology. He graduated from HEC Business School in Paris. Just after graduation, he started up two companies: Le Miel Sauvage, who imports honey, and La Cool Co, who designs and builds IoT devices. Partner at Ubees, he is in charge of operations and technology.


The bee is more honoured than other animals, 

not because she labors, 

but because she labours for others.

St John Chrysostom 


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